What is an Avionician

Avionics is a specialisation within electronic maintenance and repair. It focuses on aircraft electronics but encompasses a wide range of job types. An avionics technician is a specialist who is responsible for all the electronics on board an aircraft on a systems level.

What does an Avionician do?

  • An avionician installs and maintains avionics systems like instruments for navigation and engine monitoring in-flight entertainment systems etc.
  • Avionics technicians repair and upgrade communication and mission control systems, navigation systems and on-board monitoring systems.
  • The job demands attention to detail and a commitment to the very highest standards of quality workmanship as they work on flight- critical systems that impact passenger and crew safety.
  • Participate in system qualification and certification.

The focus of this programme is on the diagnosis, rectification and maintenance of aircraft communication, navigation, instruments, electrical and related sub systems.

Admission Requirements (Minimum)

  • 18 years and older.
  • Grade 12/N3 or Equivalent
  • Mathematics 50% of higher
  • Physics 50% or higher
  • English 50% or higher

​Applicants that do not meet these criteria but do possess a Grade 12/N3 or equivalent certificate will be subject to an aptitude test prior to acceptance and admission to MATA.

Training Fees

Trade Test Preparation

  • MATA prepares students and conducts trade tests for students after completing and obtaining of the required experience.
  • Our qualified instructors are registered Trade Test Officers with TETA & NAMB.
  • Trade test preparations are conducted at the MATA premises and trade tests are conducted at our Rand Airport Facilities, Gauteng, South Africa.

Trade Test Fees