Firefighting Training

Firefighting training includes:

– Cabin Crew
– Flight Crew
– Ground Staff
– Aircraft engine and wheel fire
– Basic Fire Prevention
– Fire Officer 1 and 2
​- Fire Marshall Training

On the successful completion of the course the fire fighter attending this Fire Fighting Training course will at the end of this course be able to:

List the elements of combustion & describe the nature of flame.
Explain the terms ignition temperature, fire point, spontaneous ignition temperature and spontaneous combustion.
Explain the limits of flammability, transmission of heat (Fire spread) & the methods of fire extinction.
List the classes of fire and explain the hazards and risks related to firefighting.
Discuss how fires may be prevented as well as identify possible fire hazards.
Know the use of portable fire extinguishers on-board & the application on the different types of fires that may be encountered.
Describe the limitations of portable fire extinguishers.
Explain the correct procedures to be carried out when fighting fires.
Describe the inspection checks of fire extinguishers.
Know the classification of hydrocarbon fuels & characteristics of fuels, and
Application of fire safety management principles.

*All courses needs a booking of minimum 3 people 

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